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Kae / Nov 20, 2014
Warlords of Draenor by kaezenovka, on Flickr

Thursday November 20 at 8pm Eastern
Join us for The Heroes Journey! hangout. This is the wrap up session for Track 2 and will discuss what we’ve learned about Durotan and Velen. Which one is the Hero? Our discussants will also share how the events in the book affected the Legacies of both and their people.

The Hangout will be at If you have questions during your reading, please post them on the #Metagame Google Plus Community, and join us at any time to ask questions or give comments. We welcome your voice in the discussion.

For discussion this week in the ISTE Games & Sim Network, we pose the question,” Since the concept of the hero’s journey is what is called comparative mythology what commercial games could you use to have your students analyze this and also how would this project tie back into Common Core or other Educational Standards?”
Kae / Sep 12, 2014

2013-12-07_17.58.05 by trevyn.slusser, on Flickr

Inevitable Instructors will be collaborating with ISTE Games & Sims Network for Getting Started with Minecraft!

To get us started for the Fall…..we’re doing a “Getting Started in Minecraft”

Wednesday, September 17th at 9 pm ET.
Google + Hangout
(For Hangout updates subscribe to the Games MOOC YouTube channel)

It’s September so this is a just a start! The Games and Simulations Network will be doing Minecraft and More all year long. We’ll have panelists, who will talk about how they got started and how you can too!

This Hangout is to give you some ideas and continue the discussion in the Games & Sims Network community either on the ISTE Connect site or in the Games & Sims Network Community Google + Community.

1) Getting Started with an After-School Minecraft Club

2) Getting Started with a Minecraft Server for Professional Development Organization
3) Getting Started with an event in Minecraft

If you'd like to get involved with Minecraft and More activities please give us your contact here
Kae / Jul 11, 2014
METAGAME Book Club July 15 - August 16, 2014

metagame by kaezenovka, on Flickr

ISTE's Virtual Environments Network and the Games & Simulations Network will be doing a summer book club from July 15 - August 16, 2014.

It involves reading publications, a really great book, going to websites, watching videos and even going in game. So there is no question about it – the book club is a Book Club +.

This book club has 2 tracks. There are Game Studies (great for English and humanities teachers) academic readings with Sherry Jones, the creator of the Rhetoric and Games or rgMOOC.

The second track will be facilitated by the educator’s gaming guild, Inevitable Betrayal. The book for the second track, is the young adult book, For the Win by Cory Doctorow (great for economics, social studies and anyone looking to engage their students in reading). It is also gives an insider look into massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMOs and MMORPGs).

For The Win is available on Kindle, in print or you can download the free version at

To sign up for the summer Book Club please go to