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Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education

Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education (G.A.M.E) is a resource for the online community of global educators who game. At its core is an online synchronous gaming community.

This intellectually curious network of educators offer webinars and F2F presentations on the opportunities and deeper learning that takes place in games.

This community is involved in WoW in School, EduMachinima Fest, Virtual Worlds and Games UnSymposium, 3D GameLab, ISTE, ISTE SIGVE, Connected Educators Month and open courses on P2PU. To see more about G.A.M.E. and its members - please watch "It Takes a Guild - A Guild of Educators."

The Inevitable Betrayal guild is currently producing Inevitable Instructor webinars each week. These include sessions on playing Worldof Warcraft for the beginner up to getting ready for your first raid. Also included are tours and interviews in World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Neverwinter, EVEOnline and Guild Wars 2.

The "It Takes a Guild" series recordings are available here.

G.A.M.E. is a resource for educators who game, want to learn how to game, and want to incorporate gaming strategies into teaching and learning. Event participants will become familiar with the use of massively online roleplaying games, commercial off-shelf games and sandbox genre games in their quest to innovate teaching and learning.

All educators are welcome to come to our events - novice, dabbler, and hardcore gamer. The individual organization or guilds may require applications and active involvement.