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Hero's Journey

Kae / Nov 20, 2014
Warlords of Draenor by kaezenovka, on Flickr

Thursday November 20 at 8pm Eastern
Join us for The Heroes Journey! hangout. This is the wrap up session for Track 2 and will discuss what we’ve learned about Durotan and Velen. Which one is the Hero? Our discussants will also share how the events in the book affected the Legacies of both and their people.

The Hangout will be at If you have questions during your reading, please post them on the #Metagame Google Plus Community, and join us at any time to ask questions or give comments. We welcome your voice in the discussion.

For discussion this week in the ISTE Games & Sim Network, we pose the question,” Since the concept of the hero’s journey is what is called comparative mythology what commercial games could you use to have your students analyze this and also how would this project tie back into Common Core or other Educational Standards?”


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