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Blogs from Educators

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Blogs from Teachers new to World of Warcraft

from Jane Wilde’s class

One woman in my class reports that her daughter's boyfriend... posted a comment about my blog (and me) on reddit and now I have 23 comments on my blog…just thought you’d like to see. Here’s the link to Reddit and the link to her blog to see all the comments:

And another is transformed over night in two posts before and after playing world of warcraft. I quote from her posts on the 16 and 17 of this month

"I have never been remotely interested in video/computer games and always was fairly dismissive of them as unhealthy and potentially addictive. In reading and watching various resources in the past couple weeks I’ve realized how important it is to make peace with games and gain a level of understanding."

"Well kind readers I am officially hooked on World of Warcraft. I logged on the other night just to make sure I’d be able to find the meet-up location for class, discovered how the quests worked and was instantly drawn in. Did about 10 quests in one day. Here’s what I like about it: She goes on to list the features that she enjoys. And concludes:
"I am actually quite grateful for this firsthand experience as I think it will help me be an empathetic adult and parent."