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So what is Machinima?

Machinima is the portmanteau of the words - Machine and Cinema. It is the screencapture and production of video from 3d games and virtual worlds.

As educators who game or gamers who are also educators, we continually use Machinima as tutorials to change tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. We also use Machinima to demonstrate the learning we see happening in games and virtual worlds. Oh and I did mention, we also like to create.

For example, here's a Machinima made for the ISTE SIG - Virtual Environments Machinima Fest.

We All Just Wanna Be A Machinima Stars

It was the result of a open course called Machinima Online Open Course on P2PU facilitated by Grid Jumper, Bluebarker, Abacus and Kae.

It was a collaborative effort by over ten different educators who made 20 second clips that were then edited together.

We'll be listing open courses, meeting and other events as we learn about them.