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Webinar Series
Please join us Thursday February 21 at 9 PM ET for the seventh installment of the G.A.M.E. "It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators" webinar series. We will be interviewing Tanya Martin, Chris Luchs, Kae Novak and Vasili Giannoutous on livestreaming game play, Machinima and the 2013 Machinima Fest at the ISTE Annual Conference in San Antonio. As educators who game, they continually use Machinima and livestream of gameplay as tutorials to help transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. They also use Machinima to demonstrate the learning they see happening in games and virtual worlds. Oh, and did we mention?...... they also like to create. Here is the recorded webinar

So what is Machinima? Machinima Machinima is the portmanteau of the words - Machine and Cinema. It is the screencapture and production of video from 3d games and virtual worlds. With current applications, like Camtasia, Jing, Screenr, Google Hangout and others, it has become increasingly easy to capture, document, and share events and experiences in virtual worlds and games synchronously and asynchronously. Machinima has become the medium of choice for many games researchers and educators as a way to provide students, colleagues, and discussants with a recording of the actual experience as it occurred and to document learning activities and outcomes.

Tanya Martin is the Coordinator of Professional Development Support for Broward County Schools in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A former middle school computer teacher with a Masters in Computer Science Education, Tanya has a fascination with using emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning. She documents her learning and random thoughts in her blog, and is currently working on ways to make online professional development a more engaging experience, with the belief that it will ultimately have a positive impact on student achievement. Tanya feels very lucky to have met like-minded educators online and collaborates with various individuals with ISTE SIGVE in-world events, World of Warcraft , MOOC facilitation, Machinima production, social/professional networking, and productive game playing.

Chris Luchs is the Associate Dean of CTE for a statewide online community college consortium. He has taught accounting, agribusiness, business, management, marketing, computer science and multi-graphic design. He is currently the Project Lead for the CCCS Hackathon project, which seeks to integrate hackathon methodologies into traditional and online classes. He spends his free time investigating new technologies and collaborating with other educators on evaluating and exploring virtual worlds and games based educational applications. He is the guild master of a guild of educators on the Horde side in World of Warcraft. His current happy place is analytics and data visualization tools. He occasionally blogs and tweets as the Chief Chasm Crossing Officer for the Center4EduPunx.

Kae Novak is an instructional designer for online learning at a community college in Colorado. She is the Chair Elect for ISTE’s Virtual Environment’s SIG (SIGVE). She is also the project lead and instructor for the Colorado Community College’s Games Based Learning MOOC. The Games MOOC has had two iteration and a third iteration on Apps, Augmented Reality(AR) and Alternate Reality Games (ARG) starting on March 18, 2013. To signup please go to The Games MOOC for Summer 2012 will be on Immersive Environments and MORPGs. She is the Chief Immersion Officer and Coordinator of Unrealistic Expectations at the Center4EduPunx.

Vasili A. Giannoutsos is a designer doing 2D/3D Graphic Design work and Instructional Design on the side. Vasili has worked in the Industry Design trifecta of print, mobile and web. His current work includes mobile development apps with military application. He has also done some video production work that includes educational tutorials, lesson plans and Machinimas. When not working, writing or building in Second Life, Vasili can be quite the gamer while exploring new worlds. He is a frequent contributor to the Games MOOC, VWBPE, VSTE and ISTE SIGVE educational communities. He has a B.S. in Computer Animation specializing in shading and lighting and a Masters in Education of Media, Design and Technology.

This G.A.M.E. interview will be conducted by Laurence Cocco, Director of Educational Technology for the New Jersey Department of Education and one of the Guild Officers for G.A.M.E. (Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education).

The Games Based Learning MOOC YouTube Channel will be monitored for questions during the webinar and there will be a backchannel for discussion at the ISTE SIGVE Diner in the virtual environment Second Life at

"It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators" is an educator-centric webinar series of interviews and panel discussions featuring practitioners who have successfully implemented games into their classrooms and learning environments. As a G.A.M.E. ( program, its mission is to help all stakeholders see and understand the deeper learning, community, creativity and entrepreneurship that is possible in online games.

Previous webinars in this series, along with resources, can be accessed at