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Webinar Series
Chronicle of Mobile Education Part I

Please join us on Thursday March 21 at 9 pm ET for the eight installment of the G.A.M.E. “It Takes A Guild – A Guild of Educators” webinar series. We will be interviewing Trish Cloud on mobile and Mobile games in the classroom. Trish Cloud is a Technology Instructor at Torrence Creek Elementary in Huntersville, NC. Working with iPads in the elementary setting she has been actively seeking gaming apps that can be used in the educational setting. She has been involved with the Game MOOC and participated in 3d Game Lab. She recently presented at NCTIES on using minecraft PE, contributed to the SIGML white paper on mobile gaming, and had an article appear in the latest issue of VEJ. She is continuously on the lookout for gaming apps that can be utilized in the school setting to increase engagement, enhance learning, and provide fun for the students. You can read the article she wrote on Minecraft, Math Mage and Mobile in the Virtual Education Journal pages 26 – 33

You can access the recording of the webinar at the Games MOOC YouTube Channel.

This G.A.M.E. interview was conducted by Laurence Cocco, Director of Educational Technology for the New Jersey Department of Education and one of the Guild Officers for G.A.M.E. (Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education).

"It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators" is an educator-centric webinar series of interviews and panel discussions featuring practitioners who have successfully implemented games into their classrooms and learning environments. As a G.A.M.E. ( program, its mission is to help all stakeholders see and understand the deeper learning, community, creativity and entrepreneurship that is possible in online games.

Previous webinars in this series, along with resources, can be accessed at