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Inevitable Betrayal Guild
Guild Officers

Have No Fear... by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Guild Ranks

Pathfinder: Groups coming in for a specific purposes other than leveling their character. This would include students from a class, teachers observing or researchers.

Explorer: Guild member level 1 to 60

Pioneer: Guild member level 61 to 80

Vanguard: Guild member level 81 to 90

Raider: Passed the Ready to Raid assessment

Guide: Officer position

Master Chief and Chief Tactical Officer: Second in Command

Guild Master: Kuwapi
SL: Abacus Capalini

Master Chief: Zarriana
SL: MelodiusC

Chief Tactical Officer: Notalemur
SL: Izzylander Karu

Master Chief: Maskirovka
SL: Kavon Zenovka

Guild Fisherman and Financial Officer: Shaomai
SL: Jerry Buchko

Director of Recruitment: Justgrid
SL: Tanya Smedley