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WoW and Mobile

Last night, I received a very exciting email. Well, at least exciting for me as far as MMORPGs and mobile apps.

WoW Mobile Armory is now free for all World of Warcraft subscribers.

WoW Armory App by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Now I’ve had WoW Moblie Armory since June. At the ISTE conference, I was able to send messages to my guildees in Cog Dis when I was back stage at the ISTE opening ceremony. Why was I backstage? Well ..the acting Cog Dis Guild Leader, Peggy Sheehy was co-hosting the opening ceremony! I was able to give the other educators in our guild a blow by blow of the event.

I’ve had my remote chat for the guild on most of the time over the last two months. Why? Well, my guildees are part of my PLN. Over these past two months we’ve been involved in two presentations at the ISTE conference as well as 4 online sessions in the month of August for Connected Educator month and the Games MOOC. ( It Takes A Guild). I could give everyone my number to text me – but I’ve found this to be just as easy.

And as much as I love my guildees and communicating with them, there is another reason why I‘m so excited. An educational reason…’s the economy!
We're working on a Business in WoW grant for our state’s community college system. We are introducing WoW into the curriculum of the introduction to business courses and microeconomics. The curriculum centers around the virtual economy, virtual currency and the real time auction house. While the app has been there for awhile, this will allow our students to be looking at real time information anytime and anywhere. If they have downtime on a bus or waiting in a line – they can check on the auction. This seriously extends WoW as a learning laboratory for business.