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Inevitable Betrayal Guild
Virtual Education Journal Awards!

Here is a list of Inevitable Betrayal guild members who have been nominated and those who have won as individuals or a part of an organization!

Favorite Educational Event in 2012 in a virtual environment/game

Virtual Worlds and Games UnSymposium - Inevitable Betrayal ran the "Horde Halloween Style Tour." Guildees involved in organizing the tour were Kae Novak (Maskirovka)Chris Luchs (Cheerwine), Tanya Martin (Justgrid), Joseph Doan (Notalemur), Jerry Buchko (Shaomai).

IB Guildees serving as UnSymposium organizers: Kae Novak (Maskirovka), Chris Luchs (Cheerwine), Tanya Martin (Justgrid), Joseph Doan (Notalemur), Jerry Buchko (Shaomai) and Vasili Giannoutsos (Lowtide) who also created the build on Front Range.

Connected Kids - SIGVE Connected Hour
organized by Tanya Martin (Justgrid) video recording

Games MOOC - Winner
Instructors: Kae Novak (Maskirovka) and Kate Hagerty (Nikki) Advisory Board Members: Chris Luchs (Cheerwine), Tanya Martin (Justgrid), Vasili Giannoutsos (Lowtide) Barbara Truman (Quasari), Francesca Yonekura (Beliri), Cynthia Calongne (Adeux) and Joseph Doan (Notalemur).

Information about what is happening in virtual worlds

Grid Jumper’s Blog
Tanya Martin (Justgrid)

#gamemooc Games MOOC tweetchat - Winner

Favorite virtual world store or place to shop

World of Warcraft Auction House - Winner

Shaomai's House of Fashion: Jerry Buchko (Shaomai)

Favorite fashion designer

Shaomai's House of Fashion Couture: Jerry Buchko (Shaomai) - Winner

Favorite place to "hang" in a virtual world with your friends?

Inevitable Betrayal Guild - WoW - Winner

Best Virtual Blog

Gridjumper's blog - Winner

Best educational conference/workshop/professional learning activity in a virtual world

Weekend Webinars/Inevitable Instructors - All of the Inevitable Betrayal Guild!

Favorite Machinima

Inevitable Instructors Playlist - Winner

Favorite VEJ Article

Game On Interview with Kavon Zenovka -Rosie Vjotek ( Roxie Niero) and Kae Novak (Maskirovka) - Winner

Walkabout the Blake Sea with Cyrus Hush - Matt Poole (Cyrushush)