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It Takes A Guild is an educator centric video series of interviews and panel discussions featuring practitioners who have successfully implemented games into their classrooms and learning environments. As a G.A.M.E. Gamers Advancing Meaningful Education program, its mission is to help all stakeholders see and understand the deeper learning, community, creativity and entrepreneurship that is possible in online games.

Episode 1 - 8/16

It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators description

It Takes A Guild - A Guild of Educators - Professional Development video

Episode 1 Resources

Episode 2 - 9/20


It Takes a Guild - Marianne Malmstrom - Minecraft video

Episode 2 Resources

Episode 3 - 10/18


It Takes A Guild - Pender County with Lucas, Craig and Sara video - World of Warcraft, Minecraft and Guild Wars II

Lucas Gillispie, Craig Lawson and Sara Toothman
WoW in School, Minecraft in School and SAGA (Story and Game Academy)

Episode 4 - 11/15

Sherry Jones, Community College of Denver

It Takes A Guild - Interview with Sherry Jones - Rhetoric Games MOOC

Episode 5 - 12/6 with Peggy Sheehy WoW in School


It Takes A Guild - Interview with Peggy Sheehy

Episode 6 - 1/18

It Takes A Guild - Portal 2

Episode 7 - 2/21

Machinima! with Tanya Martin, Chris Luchs, Kae Novak and Vasili Giannoutsos

Machinima video

Episode 8 - 3/21

Chronicle of Mobile Education Part I with Trish Cloud


It Takes a Guild! - Mobile Education video